blue car
Our automotive films have a very high (IR) Infra-Red rejection, up to 85%, making it more comfortable with increased heat reduction and more visible light.
Typically our films will reduce interior temperatures up to 5-10 degrees cooler depending on vehicle color and parking location. We offer many types and colors of automotive window films to choose from. You can choose a bronze film for an all wood dash interior to a little smokey to give the vehicle a factory look, or a private look to protect your valuables. No matter what your needs, rest assured Solar Film Solutions staff will accommodate your needs.
At Solar Film Solutions we only tint according to the law.

Since 1983, some of the vehicles we’ve tinted are unique in today's market. Vehicles from a GTO to an OPAL to a FUEGO, and other interesting vehicles, like John Deere Tractors, Construction Graders, Kubota Lawn Cutters, Cadet Club Cabs, and even a remote-controlled Cadillac Escalade. (We popped the windows out of that toy!)

With all of our vehicle installations, we tape up and provide a roll down window sticker to let you know when it’s safe to roll down windows after install cure-time has occurred. We also provide a product brochure to let you know which product was installed on your vehicle. Cleaning and care instructions and the warranty go with that complete package as well.

The installers at Solar Film Solutions try to strive for that little extra, which is why we’ve been tinting since 1983. We love what we do, and we would love the opportunity to show it by working on your next vehicle. Why not give us a try?
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