Commercial window film


Solar Gard and Panorama window films
Solar Gard and Panorama window films help decrease carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and that helps achieve zero-energy building goals.
These films are carbon negative. On average, the film windows are carbon neutral within one year of installation. More effective than low-e coatings at rejecting heat, Solar Gard window films are both carbon-effective and cost-effective, reducing a building’s carbon footprint more effectively and for less than new windows. One square meter of a low-e wood window, the type with smallest carbon footprint, has a carbon cost of 253 kilos. The carbon cost of Solar Gard window film is less than on kilo per square meter.

Window tinting helps correct temperature imbalances between sunny rooms and shady areas, and reduces harsh, uncomfortable glare. That makes it easier on the eyes when viewing computer screens, doing paperwork, or other visual tasks.

Our films will provide privacy, energy savings, increased productivity, and add value to your building as well.

Low-e films are available for your property to help keep the heat from escaping in the winter months, thus reducing your energy consumption on the furnace or boiler.

What if my building windows can’t be tinted from the inside due to objects or height restrictions?

Solar Film Solutions has a specific window film available for just such an installation. We call it OSW (outside solar weatherable) film. It only comes in silver, and once installed the edges of the film are sealed to help the film last for years of solar protection.

We give full written factory warranties to all of our customers, so rest assured that you are protected for years to come. The window film industry has grown has made advancements by leaps and bounds. The industry has gone from spraying the window with a coating to using full metal lining with scratch-resistant coating, to resist scratching during cleaning.
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