Commercial graphic window films are precision cut and applied to the glass. Common window graphic applications include interior and exterior glass privacy, designs, signage, artful, and for branding purposes.

We’ve done full line bars, 6” square blocks, full-frosted windows, sparkling frosted windows, full frost with a 1” reveal around all edges, a solid 24” bar horizontally installed in the middle of a glass partition, and company logos, just to name a few ideas. Colours and large white dots that fade to little dots and then to no dots are another interesting way to create a, interesting focal point in an office or conference room.

Two-dimensional pictures can also be represented with our window film product line, enhanced on clear glass, even with some interesting lines behind it to offset and improve the overall effect.
Office privacy films
New product for 2011,
The Construction Block Out Film
We call this film CONSTRUCTION BLOCK-OUT FILM. This film is installed on buildings under construction to hide the progress and other dirty jobs that the public doesn’t need to see. Solar Film Solutions crews will come in and clean windows, supply the film, and install the film for you. This film is opaque white. You don’t lose any important sunlight, and if a bit of concrete splatters on the treated window, it comes off with no problem when the film is removed. As for removing the film, any construction worker can remove our film—the glue comes off with it! No extra cleaning needed. Say the customer wants to wall up a window or two—this film stays in place so the public doesn’t see the new wall in front of it. All of this for a very nominal cost and a very big gain in everybody’s wallet.
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