window security film


Security films come in various strengths. The thicknesses vary from 7 mil to 14 mil. Insurance companies would like to see a minimum of 7 mil installed for insurance purposes. These films can also be anchored to the window frame and beyond for extra strength, depending on the application.

Architecturally and aesthetically, windows and doors are among the most important features of your home or business. Unfortunately, they are also obvious points of entry and the weakest security points of most buildings. While burglar alarms and surveillance cameras are important deterrents, they can’t actually prevent a burglar from gaining entry into your home or business.

Look at security in terms of layers, like peeling an onion. The longer it takes, the more likely you are to end up in tears. It’s about layers of protection. The more layers you have, the more frustrated the intruder becomes, thus not gaining entry and leaving empty-handed. Now all you have to do is replace the window and security film—not your precious belongings.
security film
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